Mission Statement: Center for Survivors of Torture (CST) exists to facilitate healing, ease transition into new beginnings, and foster hope in survivors of trauma, by providing specialized services addressing their comprehensive psychological, medical, and social needs; generating legal referrals; providing training opportunities for state-of-the-art professional service delivery; and collecting outcome measurements.

Values: Integrity, Compassion, Making a difference

History: Since 1997, CST has been healing survivors through counseling and related services. We have provided comprehensive mental health services to more than 8,300 trauma survivors to restore their spirits and rebuild their lives. Clients have been debilitated, but with treatment from CST’s trained, licensed professionals, survivors can overcome the devastating effects trauma to live healthy, productive lives. While our clients have often endured the unimaginable, we are constantly amazed by the capacity of the human spirit to heal, forgive and seek happiness.

Demographics: In FY 2017, CST served 728 clients from 35 different countries and more than 22 ethnicities that came to the U.S. for safe haven.

Need: There is an urgent need for psychological and physical rehabilitation for neighbors in our community. Left untreated, survivors may become homeless and mentally ill. Many can be at risk for suicide. When people are unable to heal, the consequences can reach far into following generations.

Our services:
We provide wraparound services, which have been a best practice for many decades, and treat the whole client in the context of being an individual, a member of a family, a part of a culture and a survivor of repeated trauma, in a culturally competent manner:

  • Counseling: Evaluation, diagnosis, treatment: individual, group and family therapy: Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solution-Focused approaches
  • Medical care: Diagnosis, treatment, pain reduction, wound care, physiotherapy, prescriptions
  • Case Management/Social Services: Clients work with case managers to set and achieve goals and obtain food and housing stability leading to self sufficiency
  • Direct Aid: Food, transportation, medications, and other urgent needs
  • Forensic Reports: Clinical evidence
  • APB Education Program: Community college easy-entry programs

CST treatment is extremely effective. Over 82% of clients meet their counseling goals within six months. 83% of clients with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder will experience a decrease in the frequency and intensity of symptoms—flashbacks, depression, anxiety, headaches, paranoia, nightmares, hopelessness, emotional numbness, stomachaches, backaches, loss of appetite. 93% of clients who need medical care and medications will receive it from CST and/or referrals to other providers. Clients are able to resolve grief and trauma and integrate their experiences into the larger context of the person they are. In the FY 2017 reporting period, CST served 728 clients ages 4-80.

Longer-term program impact:
Improved mental health and quality of life for clients, wellness, self-sufficiency, English proficiency, occupational, employment, economic status, support systems, community involvement by clients, general health status, housing, relationships, and impact on future generations.

  • 43% of clients became proficient in English
  • 61% of clients reported having an established support network
  • 78% of clients were able to implement skills learned at CST in other settings
  • 85% of clients reported improved mental and physical health and quality of life through our goal-oriented services.

Vision Statement: To continue to provide free services as accomplished first-responder to addressing the mental health and related services needs of survivors.


Dallas Office:
4108 Swiss Avenue
Dallas, TX 75204
Austin Office:
9415 Burnet Road #201
Austin, TX 78758
Phone: (512)358-4612
Monday through Friday, 9:00-6:00 p.m.
San Antonio Satellite Office:
590 N. General McMullen, Suite 3
San Antonio, Texas 78228
Phone: (210) 434-1054
Fridays, 1:00-7:00 p.m. or by appointment
Fort Worth Office in Refugee Services of Texas
4200 South Freeway
Fort Worth, TX 76115
T: (817) 413-3772
Thursdays, 9:00-5:00 p.m.

CST’s Accreditations and Affiliations:

Accredited by the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Treatment (IRCT) since 1997

Founding member, National Consortium of Torture Treatment Programs (NCTTP).

Member, Physicians for Human Rights


  • Dreyfus Foundation
  • Florence Foundation
  • Frucella Foundation
  • Hammill Foundation
  • Hattie Mae Lesley Foundation
  • Junior League
  • Katherine Carmody Foundation
  • KCL Foundation
  • LINK Foundation
  • Lutheran Immigration & Refugee Service
  • Meadows Foundation
  • Mimi Foley Foundation
  • Office of Refugee Resettlement
  • Rees-Jones Foundation
  • RGK Foundation
  • Shield-Ayres Foundation
  • Stillwater Foundation

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