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What is Torture and Where it Exists
Torture is a violent means of controlling, silencing, and intimidating individuals and societies. There is an urgent need for psychological and physical rehabilitation for torture survivors, given the fact that over two-thirds of the countries of the world actively or tacitly endorse torture as a means of political control.

Solutions through Counseling and Related Services
We provide long-term mental health, social services, legal and medical services, referrals, and training. CST offers free individual, family, and group counseling for survivors of torture that often focuses on trauma and grief resolution. Clients can share their experiences in a safe environment with a licensed counselor who is there to support them as they strive to improve their lives. Psychosocial activities include, English as second language training, mentoring, tutoring, resume building, job searches, finding housing, obtaining food, clothing, and navigating medical and legal systems. Bus cards, phone cards, and food cards are provided to those without resources.

Positive Results
With treatment from trained licensed professionals, survivors can overcome the devastating effects of torture and trauma to live healthy, productive lives. From impact assessment, CST reports that clients are able to resolve grief and trauma, and to integrate the torture experiences into the larger context of the person they are. CST’s objectives for clients are that they experience at least an eighty percent improvement in their symptoms, including depression, anxiety, and physical complaints. In 2014, eighty-three percent of CST clients met their counseling goals within a 6-month period. Individuals are able to eat, sleep without nightmares, concentrate, and feel joy again. They have been debilitated by torture, but with treatment at CST, they are able to re-establish their lives. With your help and CST’s interventions, survivors can become dynamic members of their new communities.

We are expanding our organization to meet the growing needs of torture and trauma survivors who come to us for professional services and support.

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