People often ask me why I chose this line of work. There are many reasons. Clients from around the globe are fascinating people whose perseverance and strength are inspiring. As a result of CST services, I see clients feel better, participate more in their lives, and create a fulfilling future for themselves.
Joe, a survivor, was forced into a hard labor camp where they had to march up to 24 hours at a time while carrying heavy artillery. There was very little food or water, and exhaustion was severe. Joe talked about the grueling experiences, and how he found the will to survive them.
“I went to this guy and told him I would carry his load,” he said. “At first, the guy refused, saying that it wasn’t my turn yet.” In spite of this, my client took the load and carried it the long extra miles. One by one the prisoners started carrying one another’s loads until it became a welcomed custom. “It helped,” Joe said. Therapeutically, I wanted Joe to see the impact he had made on his comrades, but he was way ahead of me. “What do you think happened?” I asked. “How did you make a difference?”
“I created love,” he said.
Joe’s story is the story of counseling at CST. When we share the load, we create love. That is why I do this work.
– Samantha McGrath, Clinical Director