I can honestly say that I am enthusiastic about the future. Here at Center for Survivors of Torture (CST), things are looking brighter than ever. At our Austin office we have a beautiful new sign, light-filled office space, and a freshly painted red door. We are now easier to find and access through public transit, which is so important for our consumers. The new sign will boost our visibility in the community.
After CST’s open house in Dallas and World Refugee Day in Austin, the events of the past couple months have allowed me to meet many more of the wonderful people that make up the Texas and Oklahoma communities and to discuss our shared vision for this remarkable organization.
Our Board retreat is September 15, 2012 and we are ready to celebrate our success in the last twelve years as a nonprofit organization, as well as to set forth a plan for the expansion of our client-centered programs in the future.
CST has served over 1700 torture survivors and has touched the lives of countless others. I am confident that together we will create brighter futures for torture survivors and their families, and our community for the next 10 years—and beyond.
Celia VanDeGraaf, Executive Director