The Community of Hope is a new giving opportunity for donors to enable Center for Survivors of Torture (CST) to provide free comprehensive mental health counseling and related services for torture survivors living in our community. With your tax-deductible gift of $250 or more (or a monthly gift of $25), your name will be recognized in CST’s giving program ‘The Community of Hope’, in the CST newsletter, on our website, and at our yearly donor recognition luncheon. Your generosity empowers the men, women, and children who have suffered from being tortured, to rebuild their lives, with hope and encouragement.

Giving regularly allows you and your family to have a greater impact on the survivors we serve by breaking down a generous total contribution into a monthly amount that fits your charitable giving goals. Monthly giving creates sustainability and stability for CST and our clients since the demand for the healing services that we provide has tripled in 2018, especially for children under fourteen years old.

We would like to thank our recent donors & welcome you to CST’s Community of Hope!

Adam Rosenfield
Adelaide Bier
Adriane Savage
Aimee Beveridge
Alex & Toni Abadi
Amanda Pietrucha
Ana Gole
Angel Rangel
Angela Fugler
Anna Hallmark
Anna Thompson
Anne Dadura
Anne Marie Alward
Antonio Buehler
April Carpo
Ashley Lassberg
Assel Kussianova-Garcia
Barbara James
Bart Bombay
Benevity Giving
Bernadette Muegel
Beth Rowley
Big Lots Foundation
Binyam Gebrehanna
BJ & Stan Friedman
Carol Leung
Caroline Lewin
Cath Polito
Celia & Gary Youngren
Charles Harris
Chris Rubin
Colleen Collins
Courtney Crawford
Daniel Preston
Danielle Smith
DART Foundation
David Clissold
Debi Vanwey
Deborah Kimberly
Debra Templeton
Dell Charitable Giving
Despina Lambros
Divine Donations
Donald Hammill Foundation
Donna Morello
Doris Schroeder
Dr. Joe Bratcher
Dr. John Roueche
Dr. Karin Montero
Drs. Margaretta & John Mathis
Earthshare of Texas
Elise Harriger
Elizabeth Coleman
Elizabeth Dale
Elizabeth Hartman
Elizabeth Nowicki
Ellen Wahlers
Elyse Malanowski

Episcopal Health Foundation
Eric Radjef
Erich Pelletier
Erika De Los Reyes
Eva Gonzales
Evan Johnson
Fidelity Charitable Giving
Gail Hughes
Gene Katzberg
Grant Chambers
Holcomb Yoga
Holly Moore
Holly Webb
Hope Lutheran Church
In-N-Out Burger
International Paper Foundation
Iris Lopez
Izabella De La Garza
Jacob Childress
James Mann
Jameson Garanflo
Jason Dresner
Jeanne Stamp
Jeanne Thompson
Jenn Golech
Jennifer Long
Jennifer Paulsen
Jeremy Groghan
Jessica McMillen
Jimmy Nassour
Joan Womack
JoAnn DePenning
Jodi Linderman
Joe Dubin
John Langford
Juanita Phillips
Junior League of Austin
Junior League of Dallas
Kate Eads
Katherine Carmody Foundation
Katherine Wilkinson
Kathy Lansford
Katie Haber
Kyle Sherman
Lamar National Bank of Paris, Texas
Lauren Thompson
Lenny & Nancy Molbert
Link Foundation
Lisa & Jeff Adolph
Lucile Puett
Lutheran Immigration & Refugee Services
Lyndsey Becker
Maisoun Sulfab
Mara Reid
Marcia Rhode
Marcie Merrell
Marcos Campos
Marcy Garriott

Mardi Clissold
Margie Cowden
Mark Filley
Mark Hellums
Marla Carnes
Mary Nell Frucella
Mary Riedlinger
Meadows Foundation
Megan Ruff
Megan Strasburg
Melanie Savage
Melissa Watt
Miles Roberto
Mimi Foley Foundation
MJ Panella
Molly Baird
Munir Captain
Namrata Daru
National Life Group
Network for Good
Office of Refugee Resettlement
Paige Gibson
Patrick Slevin
Peggy Montero
Phyllis Byrne
Rachel Jenkins
Radhika Khara
Rebecca Patterson
Rebecca Rios
Rena Neumayr
RGK Foundation
Richard’s Rainwater
Robert Massonnaeu
Robert Nathan Allen
Ronda Howe
Sally Nowland
Shannon Mantrom
Shereen Kamalie
Shield-Ayres Foundation
Shruti Subramanian
Smita Patil
Someneath Das
Tamara Goheen
TEB Foundation
The Rees-Jones Foundation (2021-22)
Thomas Kuhn
Tommy Devereaux
Topping Haggerty
Tori Rail
United Way
Veronica Dube
Vibha Prasad
Warren Hanes
Wiff Rudd
Yenifes Trochez
Zahie El Kouri