We are requesting that you help in an urgent funding matter that is harshly impacting CST and our clients.
We have learned that CST will not be funded from the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) for the grant period of 2012-2015, which is 72% of our annual budget. CST has enjoyed a working relationship with ORR since 2004 and fully anticipated its continuance of funding. The recent denial of ORR funding is leaving hundreds of refugees and asylees in our community without specialized services. Left untreated, torture survivors are likely to become homeless, mentally ill, and unemployed; many may be at risk for suicide. Most CST clients have nowhere else to turn for comprehensive services.
· Ten percent of refugees entering the United States are resettled in Texas.
· There are 4500 torture survivors in TX that need mental health services, social services, legal and medical services.
Now, there is no ORR funding for Texas. As you can see in the map
below, funding has been completely avoided in the Southern
states and survivors will have to travel a great distance to receive any

Although the funding decision from ORR has already made an impact on our services, we are still strongly advocating for our survivors and their need for CST. But we cannot do this alone! Please help torture survivors by demanding that funding be allocated back to Texas. Everyone can help restore hope to a survivor, please help us today.