CST Staff

Celia VanDeGraaf, M.A., Executive Director – director@cstnet.org

Kristen Orakwue, LMFT-S, Clinical Director – kristen@cstnet.org

Renee Brown, LPC-I, DFW Director

Karin E. Montero, M.D., F.A.C.S., Physician

Jabez Kim, Social Services – jabez@cstnet.org

Brietta Perez, M.A., Data Manager – brietta@cstnet.org

Susan Wright, Executive Assistant – susan@cstnet.org

Maria Carlson, Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Intern

Patricia Day, Clinical Intern

Delaney Menell, LPC-Intern – delaney@cstnet.org

Fadya AlBakry, LPC-Intern – fadya@cstnet.org

Marissa Ramirez, Practicum student – marissa@cstnet.org

CST Board

Dr. Suanne Roueche, Board Chairperson

Jeanne Stamp, L.C.S.W., Vice Chairperson

Paige Gibson, Secretary

Anne Dadura, L.P.C., Treasurer

Marco Campos, Director

Dr. F. John Mathis, Director

Dr. Margaretta B. Mathis, Director

Dr. Karin E. Montero, M.D., F.A.C.S., Director

Dr. John Rouche, Director

Click here to read why to become a board member in 2015.

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