CST Staff

Celia VanDeGraaf, M.A., Executive Director – director@cstnet.org

Radhika Khara, LCSW – radhika@cstnet.org

Susan Wright – Finance and Data Manager – susan@cstnet.org

Sally Daguer – Counselor – sally@cstnet.org

Dr. Karin Montero – Medical Director

Dr. Ben Warner – Forensic Reports

Sam McGrath – West Texas Consultant

Ashley Loeffel – Practicum

Maria De Hoyos – Volunteer

Radhika Khara, LCSW – Austin Counselor radhika@cstnet.org

Jim Sipowicz – Social Work Intern

Laura Santoso – Mentor

San Antonio
Dr. Bernadette Solorzano – Clinical Supervisor

Dr. Aliya Sheriff – DFW Director – aliya@cstnet.org

Dr. Nicole Van Ness, PsyD

Board of Directors 2017

Dr. Suanne Roueche – Board Chairperson

Jeanne Stamp, L.C.S.W. – Vice Chairperson

Paige Gibson – Secretary

Anne Dadura, L.P.C. – Treasurer

Marco Campos CST – President Emeritus

Dr. Margaretta B. Mathis – Director

Dr. Karin E. Montero, M.D., F.A.C.S. – Director

Dr. F. John Mathis – Director

Dr. John E. Roueche – Director

Lenny Molbert – Director

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